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The Problem

 All companies are overspending on their monthly overhead expenses 

 94% of all phone bills are incorrect

 72% of all utility bills contain errors

 89% of companies are overpaying for their waste disposal

 Most overhead expense areas are not given significant time due to their "insignificance"

 The majority of companies today do not have the time, experience or personnel to perform a thorough analysis of non-essential expense areas on a regular basis...it's just not cost effective



The Solution

Advanced Cost Management

ACM has the time, the experience and the personnel to perform a thorough analysis of these expense areas.  We understand the dilemma that most companies face.  Employee time is better spent focusing on strategic responsibilities.  If a company did this analysis on their own it could, and most likely would, cost the company more money than they could save.  That will never be the case with Advanced Cost Management.  Our fee is paid from the savings.  Therefore, a company will never lose money from our engagement.  In fact, a company will always make money from an ACM engagement.

Advanced Cost Management is a contingency fee expense management firm.  As expense reduction consultants we establish cost reduction programs for our clients that will benefit them now and in the years to come.  Cost management services have gained popularity over the last few years.  Companies are realizing the value of these services since they do not require company time or capital.  The cost control and cost recovery programs can be established, put into place and monitored without the use of company resources.  All of which adds up to increased cash flow for companies while they continue to go about their daily routines.  

ACM specializes in many different areas including waste management control, telecom expense management, utility audits and reviews, freight audits and negotiations, and more.  Please review our services and contact us today to set up a consultation.  You have nothing to lose!